Ecommerce Websites

Designing a website is difficult enough whether it is a personal or professional blog, a business website and so on, but the design aspect is something that is especially important when it comes to an ecommerce because it is something that most businesses often get wrong. The part where people go wrong is that they forget that the site needs to have the feel of an actual store, since it is essentially the replacement for a physical store. To stop you from making this mistake, we have put together a few ecommerce website examples to use as your inspiration when designing your own.

Polo Fangio

This is a company that creates some amazing Polo shirts for men and are perfect for those that like luxury and comfort at a reasonable price. The design on their ecommerce is very different from anything you may have seen because their website uses a flipping-card design that comes with very smooth navigation integration. Now, this type of design can be a bit annoying in the begging, but customers soon get used to it especially when they find out that the entire ecommerce has been organized in a way that it reflects each particular collection.

The Garden Edit

If you are anywhere in the London area and you want to order a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some kind of flower arrangement, then this is the place for you. The owner of this company has managed to turn his passion for gardening into a full blown business and in the process has designed a website where you can order your flowers, as well as a wide variety of gardening tools. Speaking of the design, they have gone for something that is more colorful, with hundreds of products that are featured on a single page which can actually be a great way to engage the customers and get them excited for what might be lower on the page.

Wocket Smart Wallet

When you are selling something as unique as a smart wallet, then you need to have a website design that matches that perfectly, and they have managed to do just that with this ecommerce. When you first open the site, you can immediately see the header space which they use as a way to promote their product by using a video that can show new customers how different types of people use their wallet. As you go down their homepage, you get introduced to even more information about this very unique product and they have actually made sure to show you how you can use it during a sale from start to finish.

Three very different ecommerce stores with three very different approaches to the way their websites are designed. The most important thing you need to take away from this is that even though these products are all very different in what they do and what they can offer customers, the designers have made sure the sites feel like an actual store, and in the end that is what is all about when it comes to ecommerce.