E -commerce Websites

Running a business from your own home definitely sounds very appealing and is probably the biggest reason as to why people are choosing this option instead of a physical store. Something that a lot of people don’t realize is the importance that the design of the website has and how important it is to make sure that the customer feels like they are in a store when going on the ecommerce. Incorporating some good quality images is very important, but that alone is not what makes an ecommerce website feel like an actual physical store, which is why in this article we have put together a few websites that you should definitely take inspiration from.

Allbirds – is a New Zealand based company and has found a way to use the country’s most popular resource- sheep wool. Since the country has a big population of sheep, they have managed to use this and create a very unique product, some of the most comfortable shoes in the world which are made of wool. They have gone for a very simple website design approach by choosing to let the product speak for itself, rather than going for flashy logos and brand photos. The ecommerce solution does feature lots of animated content which is a great thing to do if you want the product to speak for itself since by putting these demo animations you let the shoe speak to the customer.

The Soap co. – is a company that sells soap and you will agree that it can be a difficult task to make a product like soap feel interesting. To capture the customers as soon as they open their website, the designers have made sure to list all of the products that they offer right on the home page of the ecommerce shop which means that customers can immediately start shopping. Designing your site in this type of way is very good if you are looking to attract new customers and suck them in immediately and also to give a boost to shop to customers that are already familiar with your product and what makes is special.

The InVision Marketplace – is a platform that has been created by the people behind InVision which is a tool used by millions of people around the world. This e-commerce store that they have come up with is a complimentary store where the fans of this tool can go and purchase t-shirts which will ultimately help promote the brand even further and will also let customers show to the world that they are into design themselves by wearing the shirts. The designers have made a great job to promote all of the very unique t-shirt designs the company offers, while also keeping the design simple and user-friendly since customers can go from the product they want to checkout in a very simple interaction.

There is nothing wrong with needing some help when it comes to the design of your ecommerce store, and with sites like these it is easy to see what works and which tips you should take and use on your own website. Remember that the site needs to feel like a store, since that is the best way to insure that your customers will actually buy your products.