These Ecommerce Websites Will

With how much the internet has grown, and is still growing, it is absolutely no surprise that more and more people are deciding to move their physical stores online, or simply start one up online. The perks that you can get from having an online store are unbelievable and are also a huge part of why people make this decision. However, designing an ecommerce is not something that you should be taken lightly, since this will be what represents your business and the first impression that your customers will get about your business and that means that you need to take the design process of your ecommerce seriously. To give you an idea of how your site should look like, we have put together three ecommerce websites that you should definitely take inspiration from.

OBEY Clothing

This is a company that has managed to create a line that is able to capture the attention of millennials by having its line grow into a community of creative artists and street art fans. Their website is the perfect example of how an ecommerce doesn’t need to be complex to be good. They have instead chosen the minimalistic approach which allows them to bring the customer’s attention to their products without distracting them with a complicated design. Their checkout page is also pretty straight forward, with an option to select sizes and colors, and of course, a large checkout button.

 Death wish coffee company

This company is known for creating some of the strongest coffee out there, they have created a community that has guaranteed them success for years to come and they even won a prize which guarantees them advertising time during the Superbowl. With achievements like these, they needed a website that could take a large amount of traffic and that is exactly what they have done. They have gone for a design that features a huge introduction frame that clearly displays the packaging of the coffee they sell and directly gives the customers the ability to buy the product right there on the home page.

Status Audio Headphones

With brands like Beats by Dre in the headphone industry that everyone loves and constantly reviews, it can be really hard to establish a brand on this market. However, the people and Status Audio have not only managed to create world class headphones that artists everywhere are already loving, they have also managed to take that simplicity in design and transfer it to their ecommerce. When you get on the website, you can click on whatever you are interested in and the site takes you through the process of finalizing your sale in a very simple way.  Their site also features reviews, technical aspects, extra information about the headphones and more.

If there is one thing that you should take from these websites is that complex doesn’t always mean better, especially in the ecommerce world. Instead, try and go for a simple, yet effective design, as these companies have done, and try to put as much focus on the product as possible, because that has proven to be the best way to capture customer’s attention.